[1.51 GB|MP4] ABNOMAL-042 爆乳黒ギャルの肉感デリバリー 超ミニスカビッチ1泊2日の淫交アルバイト

ABNOMAL-042 Tits Black Gal Of Orgy Part-time Job Of Nikkan Delivery Super-mini Skirt Bitch Two Days And One Night

NOTE: one of the worst maguro titles i've seen so far. nothing really bad about it, but also nothing standing out.
video quality is quite off, but that's to be expected, fitting 4 hours in 1,5 GB, and at least it's clean

Release Date: 2016-09-16
Length: 240 min(s)
Director: Maglow
Maker: Maguro Bussan
Label: Abnormal (Maguro Bussan)
Genre(s): Mini Skirt, Gal, Big Tits, Slut, 4HR+, Promiscuity, Body Conscious, BBW, Huge Butt, Sun tan
Cast: i don't know.