Title: ごちそうザーメン2
Actress(es): 瀬名あゆむ, 相川めぐり, AIKA, 沙藤ユリ, みづなれい, 黒崎セシル, 大森玲菜, 小宮山ゆき, 愛原ゆあ, 植田陽菜, 星川麻紀
Manufactruer: FS Knights Visual
Label: ふらすぴ
Catalog Number: KV-149
Release Date: 2016-09-28
File Format: mp4
File Size: 1.5GB+1.16GB+1.19GB=3.86GB
Video Codec: H.264 ±5000kb/s @ 1920×1080
Audio Codec: aac @ 128kb/s
Seeding Time: 1 week (Strictly Enforced)

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