[GS-097] Yukari Miyazawa, et al 何もやる事のない放課後は男子トイレの個室にこもるのが日課の僕。すると誰かがドアをノック.無視していたらあまりにしつこいのでドアを開けると

Yukari Miyazawa, Mariya Kurauchi – I Have Nothing To Do, So Every Day After School I Hide In The Boys' Bathroom One Day, There Was A Knock At The Door … At First I, Ignored It, But They Kept Knocking, So When And She Was Wear Bloomers, And She Was Unable To Hold Her Pee In, So She Had Already Pissed Herself! (GS – 097) I Finally Opened The Door, It Was A Girl!

[Feb 17]

Release date: 2017/02/16
Recording time: 95 minutes
Performer: 宮沢ゆかり/[[]]/倉内まりや(くらうちまりや)
Director: Chestnut Kinton
Series: –
Manufacturer: SOSORUxGARCON
Label: –
Genre: Shame Shomen Girls School Gym Gymnastics · Bloomers Planning Pissing
Product code: gs-097

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