[KAWD-716] イキ跳ね極美スレンダーBODY究極のエビ反りFUCK 鈴木心春(1.6gb/mp4)


Starring: Suzuki Koharu
NOTES: This movie was released in May 2016. Too bad the original version had that crap 22366 spam watermark on it; it ruined a great movie with lots of hot action. But patience is a virtue, I didn't download any versions of the initial release and finally someone posted an ISO file of this film. Suzuki Koharu made her JAV debut in March 2013 and this beauty with a killer body has only made a little over 50 movies. She was not overexposed like Sasaki Aki, Hatano Yui, Shinoda Ayumi or Fukiishi Rena and she's just as hot, if not hotter than they are. The first scene with the oil is particularly hot. Too bad it's not uncensored.

It's not quantity that counts, it's quality, and this site has been lacking in the past couple of years. What would you rather look at, this shit?

Or this? I rest my case.